Founded in 1999

After several years in property development and construction, Intebuild founder and director, Steven Leitch, identified an opportunity for a different style of building company… one with a focus on research, excellent service and attention to detail and capable of consistently delivering top quality, technically challenging projects. This vision for a different approach to construction resulted in the birth of Intebuild in 1999.

From the outset a “one-stop-shop” philosophy was embraced, enabling clients to journey with Intebuild throughout their project, from initial concepts to building certification and beyond that, to post project service…each step along the way receiving our trademark attention to detail.

An early project, which helped cement our reputation for dealing with unusual and technical challenges, was the reconstruction of the 4BH radio mast in Brisbane’s east, which had been toppled by vandals. Overcoming issues of difficult access, a swampy site and working at extreme heights, combined to capture the attention of many within the construction industry.

Since those early days, there has been a stream of thousands of projects completed for our clients… some have been small domestic repairs and some have been large commercial builds. Many of these were referred to Intebuild due to the unique or complex challenges they presented, but all projects, large and small, have received the attention to detail and expertise required to produce high-quality work… second to none!! Details of some of this work can be seen by clicking on “Projects”.

Looking to the future, Intebuild continues to introduce new technologies and training for our people, ensuring that our team is well equipped to continue achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Service is our business...attention to detail is our specialty

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